• Responsibility

Novogen is driven by a strong sense of corporate citizenship.

We work alongside a broad range of stakeholders in our community, including academics and not-for-profit organisations, to help manage the broader societal challenges of cancer.

  • The Kids Cancer Project

    Young children treated for cancer with high doses of chemotherapy can experience significant impact on quality of life.

    Anisina (ATM3507) has been shown to work synergistically with existing chemotherapy agents. The synergy observed with Anisina (in combination with microtubule targeting drugs), may allow for a reduction in dosing and therefore and potential reduction in long term side effects.

    Novogen’s Australian collaboration with The Kids Cancer Project (TKCP) will help advance the development of Anisina into Phase 1 trials in children facilitating earlier treatment access for children with cancer.

  • Novogen in the Community

    We continually work with an array of patient advocacy groups, advisors, research partners and leading academics to ensure Novogen’s products will be developed with patients at the core, and delivered to market effectively.